Government Affairs

Government affairs

The Greater Green Bay Chamber understands business professionals are focused on their day-to-day responsibilities and may find it difficult to participate in the daily policy debates which can impact their future ability to grow and modernize. The Chamber serves as the voice of business in our community by looking out for the best interests of area employers and their employees at all levels of government.

We act as the voice of business in a number of ways:

Good Government Council
The responsibilities of the Chamber’s Good Government Council are three-fold.  The first is to provide members with information on candidates running for state and local elected office.  This can be done through candidate surveys, interviews and endorsements.

This council also assists aspiring candidates through candidate training programs.  This training provides individuals with information on how to get on a ballot, present themselves in public and campaign strategies.

Lastly, the Good Government Council stresses the importance of voting and government involvement.  We provide access to voter registration and polling locations information through our website and electronic newsletters.

Public Policy Council
This is a group of community and government affairs advisers from Chamber member companies and allied business organizations who advise the Chamber’s officers and board of directors on public policy positions. Through the legislative agenda or individual position statements, the Council may recommend action on local, state or federal issues affecting business, including legislative and regulatory matters.

Legislative agenda
Every two years, the Chamber’s Public Policy Council sets a legislative agenda based on conversation and debate with Chamber members and leading area experts.  The agenda outlines the Chamber’s local, state and federal public policy priorities.

Legislative scorecards
Annually, we work collaboratively with the Northeast Wisconsin Chamber Coalition (NEWCC) to compile legislative scorecards of how legislators voted on business issues of relevance to our membership and legislative agenda.

Weekly Public Policy News briefings
Each week, we provide subscribers an update on the issues impacting our region through an electronic newsletter. On a monthly basis, we compile local, state and federal public policy news of interest to business in one convenient document. To subscribe click here .

Action Call Center
The action call center is an online tool we use to inform members of fast-moving legislative issues and providing them a means to make their voices heard.  With member participation, we have been able to get the legislative and regulatory changes listed in our legislative agenda. (Click below to access it.)

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