Business Recognition Luncheon

Business Recognition Luncheon

Each year's Business Recognition Luncheon honors individual(s) and company(ies) that have left their mark in the following categories. NOMINATIONS WILL OPEN AT THE END OF FEBRUARY 2016 AND BE OPEN FOR TWO MONTHS. CHECK BACK SOON FOR A LINK TO THE 2016 NOMINATION FORMS!

Environmental Stewardship: presented to a locally owned company doing business for more than two years that has taken actions to become more environmentally friendly or has invented or distributed products to assist other companies in becoming more environmentally friendly. 

Cornerstone: presented to a company who exemplifies a community pillar of strength, this award honors companies that play an active role in the local business community, business associations and volunteer groups. Recipients have demonstrated growth in sales, employees and/or service since inception. 

Entrepreneurial: Bestowed upon a locally owned company in business at least two but not more than five years that has demonstrated a creative business approach, proven success and positive impact on the local community.

Growth: Given to a locally owned small business with at least three years under current ownership that has established significant growth in sales, service and employees. 

Family-Friendly Workplace: Given to a locally owned company doing business more than two years that is committed to its employees and have implemented family-friendly policites to assist in balancing the responsibilities of work and family life. 

Special Accomplishment: Recognizes a business that realized an extraordinary professional achievement, other than entrepreneurial excellence, growth or cornerstone contributions. Recipients range from those who overcame adversity, launched a unique business solution, supported small business owners or exhibited efforts above and beyond those encountered in normal business relationships. 

Business Person of the Year: Presented to a business owner who has shown exceptional achievement and admirable community leadership qualities. The recipient's past and current contributions are considered, including his or her ability to manage staff, control costs, ensure quality and show a record of growth in employees, sales or profits. This person has an outstanding public image and reputation and is known for entrepreneurial excellence. 

Past recipients of the Business Recognition Awards - click here.


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