About us

About us - The Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce

Vision. The Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce will be acclaimed as a leader in building prosperous businesses and a thriving community.
Mission. To strengthen member businesses by enhancing economic and workforce development, resulting in improved quality of life in our community and region.
5 Strategic Initiatives for 2014-2015 fiscal year.

Lead Through Collaboration.
We will strategically collaborate and connect our members to become the preferred partner of area businesses, local governments, community organizations and educational institutions supporting economic, workforce and community development.

Build Economic Prosperity.
We will focus on developing entrepreneurialism, assisting existing businesses and pursue targeted initiatives, that foster an innovative business environment and strengthen our community’s economy.

Be the Voice of Business.
We will influence issues of public policy that are crucial to building a prosperous business environment.

Enhance Quality of Life.
We will mobilize our membership and resources to improve workforce and community development in ways that will enhance quality of life in the Green Bay area. We will have a primary focus on leadership development to produce strong, engaged business and community leaders.

Strive for Organizational Excellence.
We will engage our members, empower our employees and maximize our resources in a fiscally responsible manner to build an innovative organization aligned with our vision and mission.

For more information about the Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce, call 920.437.8704 or visit our staff directory for specific program assistance.